Vastu Shastra

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra deals with the exercise of architecture and construction or building science and in fact it gives a fair touch in every aspects of life on the earth as well as the universe. The basic theme remains a link that is ever-present between the man and cosmos. The word 'Vastu' was originated from the term 'VASTOSHPATI' which had its usage in the Rig Veda and is said to render happiness, prosperity and protection in life and after death too. However, Vastu Shastra truly conceives in the presence of Vastu Purush, who is considered the main deity of a building.

From the aesthetic point of view among creation of human beings vastu shastra is important and high ranked. In fact, Vastushastra is most charming, amorous and pleasant and it is possessed by its permanent value and most attractive elements of human civilization.

Its importance has been explained in the Indian civilization thousand years ago. According to it before constructing our house hotel, factory, office, clinic, hospital, restaurant, inn or tample etc. We should know (go through) the five elements and do the construction accordingly so that one gets PEACE, PROSPERITY & HAPPINESS.


Some Useful Tips Based On Vastu And Feng-Shui

1.Allow a bright light on the main door.

2.It is best to leave only maximum 5 door open.

3.Avoid keeping a T.V. set in bed-room.

4.Avoid keeping any water feature or plants in the bed room.

5.Do not use seperate mattresses and bed-sheet.

6.Arrange the furniture to from a square or a circle or an octagon in.

7.Brighten the corners. 

8.Place a picture of bright sunrise on southern wall in living room.

9.The wind should come from south-west in the bed room.

10.Dining-room should not expose to the front door of your house.

11.Never put mirror in kitchen.

12.Keep the broom and mops out of the sight in kitchen.

13.Keep the bathroom and toilet door closed as much as possible.

14.Windows should open outward normally.

15.Do not keep prickly cactus, plants in the house.

16.Place an aquarium in the sourh-east corner in living room.

17.Place a happy family picture in living room.

18.Please cheque ther aren't grown very high trees like Bangan, Pipal, Thornytrees.

19.Please cheque the gate of the lift is not in front of the main gate of the house.

20.There should not be any room which has   shape.

21.There should not be obstructive houses surrounding your plot.

22.The house should be fully airy and has enough water resource.

23.The seat in the latrin should be NORTH-SOUTH.

24.In the office, sit facing the door. 

25.Hang a picture of mountains behind you in the office.

26.Place the computer on your right side on the table.

27.A ladder to go up stair curved on the right side should be devided in to two parts.

It should be constructed leaving north-east or south-west direction.

Ladders stepping down towards north or west creates waste of Lakshmi.

28.One should never hoard stale food, withered flowers, torn clothes, waste paper, waste materials, empty tins, old jars and useless things.

These things prevents Lakshmi from entering the house.

29.If there is marble flooring in the house you should see that the old leather shoes are not lying here and there.

Marble is considered to be holy stone. If possible avoid marble in bedroom, bathroom, latrine.

30.In a place of worship in the house it is necessary to have open atmosphere. Use marble in the worshiproom.

Take care that there is enough light and air. Latrine should not be near worship room.

keep cleanliness and always light insense sticks.


Vastu Colour Indication


Usefull Vastu Suggestions

  • Do not construct kitchen, toilets and puja-room next to one another.
  • The kitchen should not be directly in front of the main door.
  • Keep all electrical/heat generating appliances in the SE corner o the room.
  • Keep no broken mirrors in the house.
  • Mirrors, sinks, wash-basins and taps should preferably be along the NE wall.
  • The safe should open towards the north or the east. So, keep it along south or the west.
  • The toilet seat ahould preferably be along the North-South axis. The septic tank can be in the NW or the SE corner of the House.
  • Avoid having garbage dump, street-light pole, or boulders in front of the main gate or door.
  • Your main door should not be opposite the main door of another house.
  • The number of doors and windows should be more on the ground floor and less on the upper floor.
  • The image of Gajalaxmi at the main door is considered auspicious.
  • The north-east corner is the face house and should always be kept clean.
  • While swabbing the floor with any disinfectant, a little saindhava lavana or sea salt should be added.
  • Students should study facing the north or east.
  • Do not sit or sleep under a beam.
  • Do not hang a painting depicting war, crime, unrest, agony or distress.
  • Construct the front door in such a manner as to avoid the fall of a shadow on it.
  • Grow a tulsi or basil plant in front of the house.
  • Do not have any cactus in the house. Having it outside the boundry is good.
  • Rain water or drainage should flow towards NE-East-North.
  • Material to be used in the construction activity should always be new, expect in the case of renovation.
  • Elderly people are always more comfortable in the South-West corner.
  • The height of the building should reduced from the SW to the NE.
  • Walls along the SW should be thicker as compared to walls along the NE.
  • Bhumi-pujan ceremony should be performed before commencing on the construction of a new house and Griha-pravesh ceremony before shifting into it.
  • Do not have a toilet or puja room under a staircase.
  • A well in the middle of a house or plot is very inauspicious.