Baby Name

The first thing that we learn to identify someone is his Name. The first thing that we learn to identify someone is his Name. Would Shahrukh Khan be known as the King Khan if his name was something else? Would Sania Mirza be a famous tennis player if she wouldn’t be named Sania? Would Amitabh Bachan be an eminent film personality if he was called with some other name? All the above examples illustrate that our names are certainly the cornerstones of our personality. Names speak a lot about us, our personality and who we are? This clearly means that the effect of name should not be under-estimated. It is basically the name and our associated planetary positions that call for our personality or quality traits. Based on this a person could be a promoter, a preacher, social, outgoing or completely opposite as being shabby, disorganized, indifferent or lost in their own world. Most of the people today often change their names or name spellings or would prefer to keep the name of their newly born child with proper Astrological & Numerological guidance. Thus we see people seeking advice on the alphabet to be chosen for naming their child born under a particular Rashi. People seeking astrological guidance would generally be concerned with the alphabets falling under a particular rashi (under which they are born) for beginning their names. The name can then be set with certain numerological calculations by an expert. Setting one’s name numerologically certainly enhances luck. Numerologists assign numbers to every alphabet and then study if those number match with the date of birth of the person concerned. The growing trend is to change the spellings of our existing name numerologically by adding an extra “A”, “E”, “I” etc. Like actor Emraan Hashmi added another “a” in his name and every movie he does is certainly a hit for the story or the music. Some would still like to legally change their complete identity by adopting a new name altogether. For instance, the actor with the “Khiladi” fame changed his name from Rajiv Bhatia to Akshay Kumar. Do you have any questions regarding your name? Would you like to know if your name suits you Astroloically or would you require any numerological analysis for the same?